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Here at Brock Larsen Design, we are involved in a number of projects within the realm of Theme Park conception and residential/commercial design. Our projects range from planning to the creation of beautifully rendered images complementing the ideation of our clients.


At Brock Larsen Design, we provide world-class master planning, creative concept development, architectural design, and architectural and engineering fulfillment. We have strategic partners in early development, entitlements, project management, construction management and art direction.


Our eclectic and expansive lineup of clientele is a testament to our dedication to establishing a consistent rapport within this industry. This trust is built on a foundation of excellence frequently demonstrated through hard work and a commitment to a collective, entrusted vision.



Brock Larsen Design was founded in 2001. After 10 enlightened years at the very center of the most inspirational and high profile projects at both Walt Disney Imagineering and Universal Studios, Brock looked to the challenge of opening his own firm. At WDI and US, he learned to combine the thrill of entertainment with the skills of master planning and architectural design. He designed much of the environments of the industry-changing Indiana Jones attraction located at Disneyland, California. He was part of the original early arrival design team to explore Hong Kong in 1998 for the early stages of master planning of Hong Kong Disneyland.


2400 Lincoln Avenue

Altadena, CA 91001

Tel: (818) 955-8889

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