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At Brock Larsen Design, we provide world-class master planning, creative concept development, architectural design, and architectural and engineering fulfillment. We have strategic partners in early development, entitlements, project management, construction management and art direction.

Located in Los Angeles, California, the epicenter of entertainment architecture and design, Brock Larsen Design brings cutting edge design sensibility combined with international experience. Our projects range from Hollywood to China to the United Arab Emirates. Whether you need a theme park in Mongolia, a hotel in Bali or a cultural center in Dubai, Brock Larsen Design can see your project through from start to finish.

Our in-house team of planners, designers, architects, draftsmen, graphic designers and artists, and our worldwide associations with developmental partners, architects, landscape architects, infrastructure groups and engineering teams, offer our clients a unique array of talent. These in-house and associated groups of veteran professionals allow us to fully realize our many clients’ needs and desires.

Brock Larsen Design has experience in mixed-use, theme parks, attractions, water parks, resorts, hotels, restaurants, retail, museums and exhibitions.


The master plan is a topographical backdrop to various urban design elements. It assists with the marriage between our clients’ vision and the existing world.   Master planning starts with a question of physical plausibility, and ends with an answer of visual feasibility.



Our aerials are well-crafted masterpieces that convey the big picture of the project.  They serve as essential, finalizing pieces to the design puzzle.

3D Models

3d modeling is an essential tool in our array of means to a visual end. 3d modeling gives our clients and architects a spatial awareness that is unattainable through traditional, architectural drafting.



We spend a considerable amount of effort carefully crafting a unifying approach to the design of the structural elements featured in each project. Hence, these thematic components add a graphical punch to the overall message of the plan.



We take the fruition of ideas seriously at Brock Larsen Design.  Each project is custom fitted with a breadth of top-notch illustrations exclaiming the emotional impact of attraction ideas way before they exist in the real-world.  We capture the atmosphere of the park while it exists in the concept phase.


Planning is the backbone to our design process. Through planning, we succeed in bringing forth elements critical to the operatic movement of thrill seekers, vacationers, and family members in glorious, well thought-out corridors of enchantment.


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