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Brock Larsen
Founder and Principal

Brock Larsen Design was founded in 2001. After 10 enlightened years at the very center of the most inspirational and high profile projects at both Walt Disney Imagineering and Universal Studios, Brock looked to the challenge of opening his own firm. At WDI and US, he learned to combine the thrill of entertainment with the skills of master planning and architectural design. He designed much of the environments of the industry-changing Indiana Jones attraction located at Disneyland, California. He was part of the original early arrival design team to explore Hong Kong in 1998 for the early stages of master planning of Hong Kong Disneyland.

Working directly with Bob Iger, Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Co. and ABC-Television Network, Brock located ABC’s presence at Times Square in New York City used for the Millennium broadcast. At Universal Studios, he participated in the design of two of the six lands at the Islands of Adventure Theme Park where the Harry Potter attraction is now located. Over the years he has provided master planning and design services to Paramount Studios projects in both Wuhan and Tianjin, along with the Murcia Spain project.

During those years Brock was a key member of the elite blue sky team within WDI and had the opportunity to work on any project the team felt could bring opportunity to The Walt Disney Co. Projects spanned Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, Chicago, New York, Orlando Florida and Hollywood. This Team relocated the Motion Picture industry’s awards show, The Oscars, back to the Kodak Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

Although he enjoys exporting popular American ideas, Brock is respectful of historical implications. One of his favorite projects was designing a museum for the California-based Chumash Indian tribe in an ancient oak tree valley. He enjoys applying regional traditional architecture to large-style projects, such as the waterfront redesign in the old part of Dubai along Dubai Creek.

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